• This year in 6th grade math, we will study several mathematical concepts. In 6th-grade math we use the CPM Core Connections, Course 1 curriculum. This curriculum is inquiry based and relies heavily on collaboration amongst students. Students will be using the curriculum to develop a mathematical skillset that will lead to mathematical ideas in order to make connections, discover relationships, figure out what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explain their thinking. Students must actively participate, make sure everyone in their team/group is involved, and ask good questions. Students who do so will find themselves understanding the concepts on a deeper level and succeeding in this course.  


    Over the course of the year, we will study the following topics:

    • Data & Graphs
    • Area & Perimeter
    • Multiplication (distributive property, generic rectangles for multiplication)
    • Factors
    • Portions & Integers
    • Variables & Ratios
    • Multiplying Fractions & Area
    • Dividing & Building Expressions
    • Rates & Operations
    • Statistics & Multiplication 
    • Volume & Percents

    Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen!