• All students who enter Highland Elementary with more than one language in their home are screened for English Language ability using the state mandated WIDA Screener tests.  If students qualify for additional language services they are placed into our English Language Development program and are given support in all 4 domains of language:  speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Students continue to take annual English language exams each January to determine their eligibility to either remain in the program or exit the program.  Exit criteria is determined by the state and must include an evaluation of a student's ability to perform at grade level in both reading and writing.  Students are also monitored for a total of 4 additional years after they are exited from the program and, if necessary, they are given additional support as they continue to develop their academic English abilities.  


    This site offers useful practice with English vocabulary and conversation.  It can be used with a variety of first language options.



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