• Welcome to 8th Grade Math!  My class will run similarly even though we are moving online.  Check the Daily Agenda first for warm-ups/cool-downs and the assigned classwork and homework questions.  All classwork Assignments will be under that category on the left.  Homework will either be from the textbook (which can be found under Textbook Links -- Homework Helps) or on the Assignments page.  I will specify on the Daily Agenda so that you can find things easily.  Always start with the Daily Agenda.

    Students, you will need to email me your completed assignments by the deadline (usually midnight) for each assignment.  

    Also, the warm-ups/cool-downs are for practice only.  I will post the answers on the Daily Agendas the following day for you to check.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

    Jennifer Stanley