• Highland Elementary Physical Education K-5

    Instructor: Mr. Chase

    PHYS. ED. In a Nutshell

    During the course of the school year students will engage in a variety of activities.

    Most grades will start with a warmup which involves some light running and exercises.

    Younger grades will practice locomotor skills and learn a variety of games.

    Older grades will learn more manipulative skills and more complex games.

    Many weeks I all grades will learn very similar skills, ie, basketball.  But each grade will work at a level that is more suitable for them.

    Older grades 3-5 will engage in fitness testing, once in the fall and once in the spring.

    This is just a brief overview, if you have any questions feel free to email me.

PE-General Info

Fun Facts and Discussion Topics

  • Shoes---Proper shoes are important when doing physical activity. Athletic shoes give you better traction and grip on the gym floor, concrete and grass surfaces. Make sure your shoes are laced properly, a loose shoe can be as harmful as a boot, sandle, f

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