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What are we doing today?

  • 3/31/2020

    Today you'll be completing a Blast response in StudySync titled "Shots Heard Around the World."  Consider the Blast question, How can a civil war in one country affect the rest of the world?  Read the Blast Background and explore the research links at the bottom.  Then compose your Blast response.  Respond with a sentence or two that thoughtfully and completely answers the Blast question.  Take into account what you learned by reading the Background and exploring the research links.  Proofread before you submit your response.  Then answer the Quick Poll question and check out the Number Crunch.  Finally, give written feedback to at least five peer responses.  Be sure that your feedback is throughful, constructive, and respectful.  Respond with one or two complete sentences.


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  • 3/30/2020

    I posted a new video above that goes over some StudySync features and gives clarification on highlighting and annotating. Please check it out.

    I have begun putting grades into Infinite Campus.  If you have not yet completed an assignment, please make sure you do so.

    Students, it is important that you are highlighting and annotating the texts that you read.  This shows me that you are engaged with the text, lets me know if there's something you don't understand, and shows me what you are understanding.  Moving forward, I would like you to use the highlighting tool to differentiate between the First Read assignments and Close Read assignments.  Please use the three colors on the left - yellow, orange, and red when you annotate for a First Read and use the three colors on the right - green, blue, and purple for the Close Read.

    Today, I'd like for you to go back over the Close Read assignment from Friday.  If you have already submitted it, I reopened the assignment so that you can make changes to it.  That means you will need to resubmit it once you are finished.  To be clear, there are three parts to this assignment:

    1. Vocabulary: Match the definitions to the correct terms.  Write an original sentence (that you think of, not copy from another source) that uses the vocabulary word.
    2. Perform a close read of the House Divided speech.  Answer the Focus questions that are above the text.  Do this by highlighting the passage from the text that helps you answer the question.  Please use green, blue, or purple highlights to answer the Focus questions.  Be sure to label your annotation with the number question that you are answering.
    3. Respond to the writing prompt.  Please be sure to read the prompt carefully and follow the directions.  You need to write more than one paragraph.  Use the skills we focused on last week: informational text structure and tone as you respond to the prompt.  Please, please, please proofread before you submit the assignment.
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  • 3/27/2020

    Again, if you are missing any of this week's assignments, please complete them.  In particular, if you have not yet given written feedback on at least five peer responses to the blast question from Monday, please do so.  If you have submitted Think questions for the first read of the House Divided speech, I have reviewed them and given you comments.  You should be able to see that.  Finally, please remember that you need to highlight and annotate the texts that we read every day!  It is part of the assignment and shows me that you are engaged with the texts we are reading!

    Today, you need to conduct a close read of the House Divided speech.  Begin by filling in the vocabulary tab.  Drag the definitions to their correct words.  Then write an original sentence for each vocabulary word.  Next you need to reread the House Divided speech.  Yes, that means that you need to read it again.  As you read the speech again, you should answer the Focus questions in your annotations.  Please list the number of the question that you are answering in your annotation.  Finally, please respond to the writing prompt by composing a speech about something important to you.  Please write more than one paragraph.  Consider the skills we have focused on this week: informational text structure and tone.


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  • 3/26/2020

    If you have not completed any/all of the assignments this week, please make sure you do so.  They build on each other, so each one is important to help you complete the others.

    Today, our skill focus is on the tone of the House Divided speech.  Log into StudySync, and click on the assignment titled "Tone - House Divided Speech."  Watch and read the concept definition under the "Define" tab.  Then read and annotate the Model.  Yes, highlighting and annotating is part of the assignment.  It shows me that you are engaged with the text and demonstrates your understanding and interpretation.  As you annotate, remember you should:

    • highlight key points
    • ask questions
    • identify places where the Model applies the strategies laid out in the Identification and Application section
    • comment on the effect the speaker's tone has on the text's meaning

    Finally, answer the Your Turn questions.  Be sure to practice the quiz-taking strategies we talk about in class.  Take your time, read, and think.


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  • 3/25/2020

    Today we're focusing on Informational Text Structure of the House Divided speech.   Please begin by watching the concept definition video and reading through the introduction definition underneath the video.  Then read and annotate the model.  Remember, as you annotate:

    • highlight key points
    • ask questions
    • identify places where the Model applies the strategies laid out in the Identification and Application section
    • comment on how the informational text structure an author chooses to present information can allow readers to better understand the author's purpose and point of view, as well as its effect on the ability of the author to inform or persuade

    Finally, answer the two Your Turn questions.  Practice the same quiz-taking strategies we have talked about in class: read the text, both questions, and all possible answers before you answer either question; look back at the text to help you answer the questions; mentally eliminate answers that you know are not correct in order to narrow down your possible correct answers; and - above all - read and think.


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  • 3/24/2020

    If you have not yet given written feedback on at least five peer responses for the Blast question, please make sure you do.  Remember, that is half of your grade for a Blast assignment.

    Today's assignment is the first read of Abraham Lincoln's "House Divided" speech.  Log into StudySync.  Watch and read the introduction.  Then read and annotate the text.  I will be looking at your annotations.  Remember that you should be highlighting and making notes just like you would in your book.  In particular, you should: 

    1. use context clues to analyze and determine the meaning of the bolded vocabulary terms
    2. ask questions about passages in the text that may be unclear or unresolved
    3. identify key information, events, and the connections between them
    4. note unfamiliar vocabulary
    5. capture your reactions to the information in the text

    Finally, answer the Think questions.  Be sure to refer back to the text as you answer the questions.  Remember to respond with multiple, complete sentences that are detailed and provide evidence from the text to support your response.


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  • 3/23/2020

    Today we start a new unit, The Civil War.  We begin with a Blast assignment.  Please click on the logo above to log into StudySync.  Complete the Blast assignment by reading the Blast Background.  Be sure to explore some of the information in the research links at the bottom.  They provide some great background information.  Then compose your Blast response.  As always, respond with a well-written sentence or two that completely answers the question, "How did the War Between the States redefine America?"  Choose an answer to the Quick Poll Question, then submit.  Be sure to check out the Number Crunch as well.  Then, give written feedback to at least five peer responses.  Remember, your feedback on peer responses should be constructive, respectul, and written in complete sentences.  Please email me if you have any questions.

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