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    Posted by Barb Culley on 3/31/2020 3:10:00 PM

    Some of you are looking for more math to do!  That makes me super happy!  Remember all the websites and games below -- but.....

    I thought I had included this in the packet, but it seems that I might not have.  Here is a Fraction and Decimal Choice Board!


    Fraction/Decimal Choice Board



    Hello!  I'm getting some feedback on the puzzle I posted on Friday with the ice cream bars!  I've moved all of that off my "Fourth Grade Math" page to this "New Ideas and Resources" page.

    Remember, order of operations -- we did this back before Thanksgiving!

    Moving from left to right in the equation, do ALL of the

    1)  multiplication

    2)  division

    3)  addition

    4)  subtraction

    ***IF there are parentheses in the equation, you would do the part inside the parentheses first!



    UPDATE 3.28.20


    Hi Everyone!  I just tried out another website for math fact practice.  It seems pretty basic, pretty safe. You can set up an account for your student using your email and run it completely on your own.  At this point, I will not set up a class page, but I would encourage you to check it out!    

    If your student is strong in basic math facts, if they become automatic in all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), then all future math concepts will be so much easier to understand and master.  

    Give it a look?




    ALSO, here's a game that might be fun! 

    **You'll need a deck of cards - remove the face cards**

    The little girl who explains it, introduces it, is British!  Don't get too distracted by her accent - as lovely as it is! I love the way the game is leveled - if it becomes too easy for your student, add the twists she shows at the end!  Or make your own twist -- use a number different that 10, 20, etc. Try "Make 17" for example! Why not?!?


    Total of 10 Game



    For the weekend, try this!  Message me your answers!


    Challenge #1


    UPDATE 3.27.20  -- Try these 2 websites for math games!






    UPDATE 3.26.20 -- Try these 3 websites for math fact practice!



    (message me if you need your log in info)



    (look for Number Tumbler -- it's pretty fun -- great for math fact practice)



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