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    Back to School Message From the Principal's Desk


    Hello and welcome to the 2019/20 school year.  I hope you’ve had a great summer and also hope that even though you may not want to admit it, you are excited for the upcoming school year.  I would like to take a minute and point out a couple of key items.  For returning students, you will see a lot of process and procedures that are identical to past years; there are however a couple significant changes I would like to touch on.  I want to strongly encourage you to read through the student handbook, which can be found on the HMS webpage,  as the points I am going to highlight are explained in much more detail there.  The first is a new cell phone policy at HMS.  Please see page seven of the student handbook for the new cell phone policy.  Great effort was put into the development of this policy to balance the value cell phones serve for students and parents while at the same time eliminating distractions the devices can cause to the learning process.  The second policy is a revised behavior management for repeated minor violations that may interfere for another student’s opportunity to learn and/or enjoy school.  While this process will cover many behavior issues, the process does not apply to major violations of the code of conduct; major infractions will still result in an immediate formal office referral on appropriate consequences.  A document containing very specific steps and processes of this policy can be found in the parent information folder. 


    Our goal is for every student to get smarter everyday while having a great school experience at the same time.  Experience has taught us the following actions can play a big part in achieving this goal.  I would like to encourage all parents/guardians to consider the following prior to the first day of school:

    • Please review the student handbook and make sure it is understood.
    • Discuss with your child that very little if anything positive comes from putting your hand on another student in middle school.
    • Please discuss with your child that he or she should expect to have some homework about four nights a week. Parents, if you are hearing your child doesn’t have homework very often, there may be more to the story!
    • Familiarize yourself with the school webpage; specifically, become familiar with each of your child’s teachers’ webpages. A great deal of critical information can be found on teachers’ pages.
    • Encourage your child to focus on what he or she can control and refrain from exerting much time or energy on what is out of their control.
    • Encourage your child to get involved with activities outside of the classroom; doing so makes school more enjoyable.
    • Encourage your child to always strive to meet expectations as school is more enjoyable for everyone when this occurs.
    • Work to form partnerships with your child’s teachers. When this happens, the real winner is the child!
    • Remind your child that mistakes are a part of life, they happen, and in most cases, they are okay. Encourage your child to own up to his or her mistakes, take responsibility, accept the consequences if any are administered, and maybe most importantly, to learn from them and not to repeat them.
    • Discuss with your child strategies you applied that help you be successful when you were his or her age.
    • Maybe most importantly, simply encourage your child to be kind!


    I am looking forward to a great start to the school year!




    Clay Naughton


    Highland Middle School




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